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ohlook-youreheretoo sent: It was early afternoon when Trish had woken up. She had no intentions of moving from the bed or waking her slumbering husband - not yet anyway - but she did need to find something to occupy her time. That's how she found herself straddling his waist, sitting up after drawing an elaborate design across his bare chest and smiling at her handy work. Grabbing her new camera, she snapped a picture before leaning down to kiss him awake, "wake up handsome," she murmured while snapping another picture.


Strange how his dream had taken a different route and he could feel fingers gently gliding around his chest. He could see his wife smiling over at him and he just continued to think that maybe his dream had decided to make his morning a bit better. Though he could soon hear her voice pulling him away so he could join her in the real world. His eyes opening slowly as he barely had time to react to the kiss. Hades could be sort of sluggish in the mornings at time. Then he heard the sound of camera and glanced around to see what was so great. His hands making their way to her hips as he then caught that look on her face that made him arch a brow before finally glancing down. His own smile appearing as he shook his head lightly and crashed back down on to the pillows to stare at her. “Always a lovely morning with you, beautiful,” he says. Hades uses his hands to guide her forward and presses their lips back together for a moment. Blissful air surrounding them as he then breaks the kiss to look her in those amazing brown eyes. “Morning, Cara Mia.”

Smiling softly, she easily returned the second kiss before shifting her body weight to flop back down on the bed beside him. She held the camera up and showed him the screen that held the picture of the rather elaborate design on his chest, “I got inspired and you were just the perfect canvas.” It was obvious she was most inspired by him than anything else, the design had very Greek influences and definitely looked like something a warrior might have painted across his chest. Leaning over, she kissed him on the cheek before snuggling closely, “Good morning, Mon Cher.” Trish relaxed against him, not still tired and wanting to sleep, but more in the mood to just relax with him for a bit before getting out of bed to do more of the same around their home. She was very grateful for the vacation from the world.

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bitches. Anyone miss me?


If you did it right, of course they did. [grins] How’ve you been, Tink?

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-on the couch with the bunny-


I will. I need to gain cuteness powers, I don’t have any other powers this is my only chance. -nods- A bunny is always needed.If anyone wants to rob me I can just pull him out and they’ll be blinded by his cuteness. -shakes head- Oh no, I don’t underestimate her, sometimes I’m actually afraid of her. She’s really nice until she reaches her breaking point. I’ve seen her throw a guy bigger than her on the ground and make him apologize. I’ve learned not to mess with the tiny ones, they are the most dangerous ones. -laughs- I guess so, it’s the only time of the year where we are somewhat normal, we sit down, have our dinner, exchange gifts, laugh, it’s nice. 


Again, I fear our talk of this bunny - though he is truly adorable - has gotten deeper than we’ve intended it too. He really does have a magical power, to make people talk about him more than they think they have to. [chuckles] Smart guy. I’m hard to scare but I still keep my eye out for the shorter bunch. They could cause an uprising and us taller folk would never know until it was too late. If at all. [nods] That’s true about explosives too, the smaller ones tend to cause the bigger explosions. Well, if the right materials are used, but that’s an entirely different conversation. I can’t imagine you three as normal, it just seems like a completely alien concept to me. I bet there are some bizarre traditions, you just don’t count them as such because you think they are normal. I’ve been creating my own new traditions for the last two years and so far I think I’m doing a pretty good job. I’ve have happy holidays.

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1 Bottle of Irish scotch

I’m not gonna get mushy on you, don’t worry. Happy holidays!

1 Bottle of Irish scotch


I’m not gonna get mushy on you, don’t worry. Happy holidays!


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1 Hulk apron (Kronk) + 2 Avengers comic aprons (Mel and Binks)


Merry Christmas! I never got a chance to properly thank you for the wonderful baking you did at my wedding, so this is a token of my appreciation as well as a very well deserved christmas gift. Use them well.

Happy Holidays!


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1 giant fucking poster against their wall (behind the bed), beach themed decorations, mesh canopies on the bed, drinks in coconuts, the heat cranked up to moderate beachy temperatures, massage oil, and season tickets to some UFC fights in New York City

Merry Christmas Mon Amour,

I’m imagining you’re wondering why I insisted you make breakfast for us to share this morning and booted you out of the room? Well, I imagine it’s clear as day now. It came to me months ago and especially with the fact that we had predicted snow for the holiday I thought it would be nice to bring the beach to us. Well, to you. I know you’d much prefer us a beach to the snow, and I love you so much for tolerating my antics when it comes to wanting to practically live in a snow globe at this time of year. We can enjoy the day away in our beach getaway. We’ve got drinks and themed movies and music, all the fun without the sand in uncomfortable places. Come fly away with me.

Love, Trish

Forever yours

p.s. the UFC tickets are just so you can get a look at the people you’ll be leaving in the dust.

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Christmas Eve 2013 || Trades

The holiday was upon them and with everything finished, the decorations, the food prepped for the next day, the presents wrapped and under the tree, Trish thought it was the perfect time to take a well deserved break. “Come on,” she coaxed her husband, knowing full well he might start making complaints about the fact that it was cold and why in the world was she dragging him to the roof of their building, which was cold. She had already thought of these things, already prepared for a perfectly toasty evening but part of that required getting him to the roof. Trish had disappeared for a little bit earlier in the evening, claiming christmas secrets and left him wondering. It was something she had in mind and it would allow them the opportunity to just enjoy each other’s company without pets or tasks distracting them.

Pushing the heavy door to the roof open, she directed him towards the spot she’d clearly set up for them and propped the door open with a brick. There was a space heater, to provide some warmth as well as some pillows and a plush blanket. She had even brought up some champagne and a small offering of treats left-over from baking just in case they wanted them. Trish sat amongst the pillows and made sure he was comfortable before throwing the blanket over them - letting him adjust it as he needed - and snuggled with him under the night sky. The night was calm and silent, nothing was stirring, no sirens or loud sounds came from anywhere. It was perfect. She wondered if there were any local children looking out windows to see if they could catch a glimpse of Santa on rooftops. Snuggling closer to her husband, pulling the blanket tighter around them, she smiled, “Merry Christmas.”

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-on the couch with the bunny-


True, he does love being the center of attention. But how could he not be the center of attention, he’s adorable. Maybe if I stay with him long enough I might absorb some of his cuteness. -pets the little bunny- I haven’t been here the whole day and I’m already having a conversation with the bunny. -smiles- Seeing someone her size have so much rage is adorable and impressive at the same time. -thinks for a second- Not really, since we’re pretty crazy during the rest of the years I think the holidays are the only time where we’re sort of normal, which is weird. So our weird tradition is being normal.


Maybe you will, I say perhaps you should just keep him on your person for your entire stay here. It might bring you some of his charm, or it might not. Either way, you’ll always have a bunny handy when there is desperate need for a bunny in any situation. [nods] You can’t underestimate her. What she lacks in height she makes up for in sheer power. I’ve noticed that about a lot of the shorter members of this school, they are tiny but they are certainly spunky in a ton of ways. [chuckles] Being normal for you guys is a weird tradition. So yes, you do have a weird tradition. Congrats, you’ve found a loophole.

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Don’t click on the tiny grey box in the post on Lady’s account (or any account that might have that, I just only have one reference as of now) It’s literally just a grey box and nothing else and it’s a VIRUS.

Don’t DO IT.

Don’t click. Don’t go to that blog. Don’t do anything. Leave it alone.

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Christmas Cheer || Trades


People might say- 'Why continue to try? You already have her.' -but he didn’t think that was the right of thinking. Yeah, he already had her but why not show someone you love that you care for them. Only idiots thought that way and he was sure that was something his dad went by which made him grow slightly bitter on the inside. But he couldn’t possibly give that emotion much thought when he saw that wonderful smile cross his wife’s face. It was enough to make him smile lovingly at her before pointing out her decoration of the house. Made the apartment feel more cozy for the holiday that was pretty close upon them. The Christmas music in the background just making him decide on what exactly to get her. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what to get but he just wanted it to be amazing. Something that she would love just by taking a glimpse at it. His only response to her agreeing of his compliment was to nod as it was true. She was everything in this world that was positive and he adored her to no end. He threw a charming grin at her direction when she declared how she liked the flowers. “Anything for my Goddess,” he stated smoothly. Hades made his round around the living area and took in all the delightful things she had placed up or done. He wondered just what she would do when they finally got a house big enough for them and a few added members to the family. It’ll be great, he thought with a warm smile. He chuckled lightly as she nuzzled gently in to the side of his neck. “I do have a way with words. Doesn’t it just make you weak in the knees?” He then made his way into the kitchen and grasped two mugs for the hot chocolate.

He peeked up from making the warm drink to catch her get comfortable on the couch and smiled. The thought of a nice cuddle fest for the afternoon seemed perfect after some workout. A big guy like him could enjoy a simple, lovey-dovey way of showing affection to one another. Hades turned so she didn’t see the impish smile that crossed his face as he finished off the drink for them by adding marshmallows. “Maybe I am second guessing or maybe I am not. I’m more curious than anything though.” he said, veering around with the drinks in hand. He made his way to the couch and handed her, her mug before gently joining her side while placing his arm around her shoulders. Taking a small sip from the cup he made a small sound of approval and then trailed his blue eyes to her face. Paying attention to what she had to say he grinned lightly remembering all the times he had been thankful for the warm jacket. It had allowed him to enjoy the cold activities that she had wanted to do with him. “Alright, that makes sense and it’s not ridiculous at all.” His hand warmed up through the heat surging from the mug which made him grateful for the evening in at home. When she threw the question back at him, he really didn’t know what to say. He chewed on the inside of his cheek as he mulled if anything would pop up but nothing. Hades licked his bottom lip and then shook his head as he finally decided there was nothing he could want this holiday. “Not really. I have everything I could ask for. Things I hadn’t even known I had wanted and I’m perfectly content with my life,” he answered, gazing into her brown eyes. “I would say that what you said was good enough for me but that would be lame for me to copy you,” he laughed.

After finishing his drink he placed the mug down on a nearby table and relaxed into the cushions of the couch. His eyes were mesmerized on the flames of the fireplace for awhile as an image came before his eyes. "Erebus stop climbing on her. You are going to get her dress dirty and then Trish will kill us both for it," Hades pleaded with the dog who immediately obeyed. He picked up the small girl from the floor and looked her over to make sure there was no marks on her dress before sighing in relief. "Daddy," the small girl said, grinning widely. It was the only other word she knew after ‘Mommy’ but it was enough to make him smile warmly at her. She was pointing at the gifts under the tree while staring at him with happiness for the colorful wrappings. Then she turned to look to the side at the sound of heels on the floor and immediately giggled, "Mommy." He turned to see the raven haired woman and smiled loving at her while complimenting her as he always did. "The ladies of my life," he said proudly. He had a warm smile sitting across his face as the small thought came to an end. His eyes veering to look at his wife as he then snuggled up closer to her and softly kissed her shoulder, neck, and cheek. “This holiday isn’t as bad as I use to think. I have you to thank for that,” he whispered. Hades then shifted their position thinking that laying on the couch gave them a better cuddling session. His back against the cushions while he held her close to him. His arms wrapping around her so she didn’t fall though they felt nicely on the sofa together. “When do you want to go get the tree?” he asked once they were both comfortable.

“Mmhmm,” she hummed in agreement, kissing the side of his neck softly before reluctantly letting him wander off in the direction of the kitchen, “always weak in the knees but I know you’ll catch me, so I don’t see a problem with that at all.” Trish watched him for a moment and then made herself comfortable on the couch, all the while just thinking about how he never ceased to amaze her. He was always throwing one romantic gesture after another, it could be small or a larger act but it was always appreciated and always a reminder of how incredible he was. A reminder of how lucky in love she’d been. And he’s all mine, she grinned smugly to herself. All the surprise flowers and sweeping acts of love focused on her and her alone. She did try to reciprocate in her own little ways, subtle gestures and unexpected treats. There was no way she’d let him feel like this was one sided in any way. Not that she worried that he might think that, she just refused to be inactive. It’s all about the give and the take, in her mind. The song on the sound system changed to another one that just gave her absolute nostalgia for the holiday that was upon them. She grinned and closed her eyes, slightly swaying and humming along to the song only stopping when she felt his weight on the couch with her. Smiling at him, she settled against his side and kissed his cheek before sipping from her mug of cocoa.

“I wouldn’t think it was lame at all. There is nothing wrong with agreeing with your very brilliant and gorgeous wife,” Trish smirked with a small chuckle emerging from the back of her throat. “Though I’m sure I can make you more than just pretty content, just wait until you see your present. It’s going to blow your mind,” she teased, refusing to give him more of a hint than that – even if that hint was a very spectacularly small one. They fell into a comfortable silence as they finished their drinks, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and the music drifting around their home. After a bit she shifted her position to see him smiling with a far off expression on his face and couldn’t help but be curious. “Where have you gone?” her question came quietly, with a soft smile playing at her lips before leaning up a bit to kiss his temple, “anywhere fun?” Goosebumps ran up her arms at the sudden attention she received after he broke free from his thoughts to lay multiple kisses across her skin. She was pleased with the turn of events though still wondering what spurred the affection. Moving instinctively with him as he laid onto the couch, she tilted her head to press a kiss to his jawline, “you’re very welcome. But you should know that it’s only this amazing because you bring it out in me. Before you, Christmas didn’t necessarily mean all that much too me either. Sure, I’ve always been a fan of the holiday itself, and I decorated and sang the songs, I just never had anyone to share it with as much as I share it with you. It’s more important to me now.”

Trish shifted against him to get fully comfortable and let her eyes slip closed. There was no tiredness behind the action, just the simple want to savor the feeling of being in his arms. It wasn’t as if this was an unheard of event, it was just her favorite thing no matter what time of year – to be in his arms. His words drew her forth from her distraction and she chuckled lightly, “I actually was intending on us going today, but seeing as I am now comfortable and I have no intention of moving without help getting up – and though you could very easily lift me, I say we hold off on that plan until tomorrow. The only other action I could get behind for today is maybe losing these pesky clothes…” she rested her chin on his chest to face him, “and maybe a couple of other things.” Her thoughts were strictly on the idea that she wanted to be more comfortable than the clothes she was currently in, but she would never say no if he took the opportunity to fool around a bit. “So, what do you say? We get our tree tomorrow and just spend the rest of the day in bed – or on this couch, rather?” Trish proposed with certainty that he would probably agree with that plan. “I’m sure we could find some holiday themed things to do from right here, like brainstorming ideas for cookies. Or pondering the best way to get the tree up to our floor with the least amount of effort. Or even just laying here and making usually wholesome holiday things dirty,” she laughed, “I’d like a chance to try your Yule log. Is there any chance you’d like to stuff my stocking?”